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Visit the OSU Insect Adventure!!
Visit the OSU Insect Adventure!!
Visit the OSU Insect Adventure!!
Visit the OSU Insect Adventure!!
Visit the OSU Insect Adventure!!

Welcome to Insect Adventure

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Come and see the live petting zoo during OPEN HOURS,
every 1st and 3rd Saturday!


$2 entry fee per person. No credit cards, please.
Please note: $2 entry fee per person will increase to
$3 entry fee per person
on July 1, 2016.
Pleas check the presentation page for details.

Looking for an unforgettable and incredibly educational activity to experience with your youth? Try having an Insect Adventure! The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension has the only live bug petting zoo in the state. This presentation comes with more than 25 species of living arthropods as well as a knowledgeable, passionate, and entertaining professional entomologist to walk you through your arthropod discovery and exploration.

The Insect Adventure is a perfect enhancement to curriculum. Do you and your youth have questions that have been "bugging" you about this large, fascinating, and diverse group of animals? Have you dreamed of holding a foot-long millipede, petting a tarantula, or looking into a living honey bee hive? Then now is the time to book your opportunity to visit the Insect Adventure facility on the OSU Stillwater campus or to schedule bringing the live bug zoo to your school or event.

The Insect Adventure is adaptable to nearly any situation (indoors or out, big or small, 1 hour or 1 day, all ages groups) and we offer an array of entomology presentations and activities.

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